Experts in IT systems

For over 30 years, Vetokonsultit Oy has been creating software to help companies and societies achieve their goals. Among our important traits are:

  • We have solid knowledge of IT technology as well as in the fields of project management, association management, survey-based research and manufacturing processes.
  • We take it as our passion to work closely with our clients to help them reach their goals. Supporting our customer in long term and with a personal touch is central in our way of doing things.
  • Our software catalogue includes a wide range of tried-and-true foundations to manage, control, research, survey and measure a variety of processes. The systems are always fine-tuned to match the specific needs of our customer.
  • Our main product, VetoBox, is a safe mini-ERP that works on all the major PC platforms as well as on the most common mobile devices. Through a downloadable application or on the common Internet browsers.

Our service package includes, individually or in groups:

  • Preliminary system consulting - to discuss and identify the goals, issues and basic requirements of the business and the desired system on a more general level.
  • System design - more detailed planning and modeling of the information system. Choosing the database solutions, preparing the necessary integrations etc.
  • Rapid development - after choosing the core features and initiating the demo use, our and our customer's key personnel discuss, develop and test the system in close co-operation.
  • Programming - if you can't find a software to fit your desires in the market, it's possible for us to develop a software from the ground-up, tailored to your needs.
  • Support - if you have an old system with discontinued support, we also offer support in maintaining old software, with an option to reinvent it at some point on modern technologies.

Our solutions include:

  • Organizations - VetoBox allows unions, alliances, clubs and other organizations of multiple levels to manage their memberships, courses and events, billing, application forms, statistics and various aspects of conferencing.
  • Welfare - VetoBox is a good way for welfare organizations to keep track of their customers, care relationships, daily appointments, calendar and a variety of important documents.
  • Research and HR - VetoBox includes a variety of tools to create questionnaire surveys, to distribute answering links, to report results in a multitude of graphical pre-made formats in a way that allows in-depth comparability between years and answering groups.
  • Project Management - With VetoBox you can keep your projects in order through budgets and estimates, resource management, quotation, purchases, invoicing and other features essential in staying on top of the action.
  • Production Design - VetoBox has a solid foundation to keep track of warehousing and the situation of production lines in real time, as well as assuring quality control and deliveries.
  • Transportation - Vetobox can be used to manage orders made by automatic sensors or directly by customers. These orders can be scheduled, planned, loaded on trucks and delivered with the help of cost-efficient map interface and a range of forecasts and estimates.
  • Miscellaneous systems - Due to the flexible nature of VetoBox and our way of work, we've developed specific systems for customers who haven't been able to find pre-made solution for their needs. For example, systems for warehousing and archiving purposes suitable for museums or educational institutions.

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